Lock & Key Remedies, in the industrial neighborhood of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, is one of these terpene-focused businesses looking at strain recreation.”

“When I visited the company’s office on a gray morning this January, it quickly became clear that Lock & Key’s vision is rooted in a love both for precise science and cannabis itself.”

When you just drop the oil into a beverage, it doesn’t absorb into the body the same way.water-soluble CBD, which can be easily added to any drink and consumed orally.

“Manufactured in Brooklyn and lab-tested, Lock and Key Remedies’ line of vape cartridges utilize a wide range of derived terpenes to recreate some of your favorite strains.”

“Lock & Key Remedies is a prime example of how the innovation surrounding terpenes is going to be an area we will all want to be paying close attention to in the coming years.”

 “Our Extreme Tinctures Whole Plant Extract, with a wide range of terpenes; and our CBD Isolate Oil, which are tasteless, giving them versatility.”

“This sets a bad standard for the industry,” Oleg MaryAces said “We want to lead with genuineness, and not just opportunism.”