"After suffering a minor sports injury I was looking for a holistic topical cream solution.

The high quality blends and ingredients of their products are amazing! I'm a repeat customer."

Nathan Smalls

"I recently purchased the CBD vape, Experience Collection. It was awesome. Very relaxing and calming. Definitely a great purchase."

Georgette D.

"I have been an avid user of the topical CBD cream for almost a year now and I use to use it daily on my shoulders but now I only have to use it occasionally. 

I am 72 years of age and I love bowling. For a while I was unable to enjoy my sport but CBD cream put me back on the lanes. Do yourself a favor and get THIS CBD rub!"

Loretta T.

"Hello My name is Catherine Jackson and I'm 95 years old. My granddaughter told me about a cream that I should use, so I figured I would give it a try. 

My granddaughter purchased the CBD cream from her co-worker, Kimberly Phelps, and applied it to my knees. After applying the cream to my knees I was hooked! I love the cream and would recommend it to anyone, Thank you Kimberly Phelps "

C. Jackson

"I totally recommend the warming rub because it has helped me so much! I can honestly use a bit on my lower back and feel the difference within minutes. The rub does not have an overwhelming scent either so it's fine to put on and go out for the day."


"I was having difficulty sleeping at night. I use the product before bedtime and the calming effects really helped me relax. The dropper has markings to monitor consistent dosage."


"I'm so glad I decided to order the tincture because it's been helping me relax. I need to sleep on my stomach to get a good night's sleep, and since my mattress isn't that great, I always have a backache and wake up a few times in the middle of the night. I started with one drop under my tongue at night, and so far so good. I still wake up a couple of times each night, but I'm able to fall back asleep immediately which doesn't always happen. I also ordered the vapes, and they've been really helpful as well."


"I have to say, when I first heard CBD could be helpful I was very skeptical. Well, two years in I have to say I was so wrong.  I was able to experiment with dosage and found a sweet spot. Oleg and Lock and Key have been great to work with and I appreciate their help. Thanks, guys...Craig"

Craig Robillard

"This potent CBD & terpene blend from Lock & Key is amazing. I started taking CBD for calmness. I was amazed, and I continue to be ... I believe you will not be disappointed!"

Brendan Sellers

"I recommend trying signature vapes if you haven’t tried them. Helps keep a positive mood through out the day. Feel more relaxed and less stress."

Chad Couture

"Happy is my go to vape, this truly helps!"

Lila Miles